Boda Borg

Experience the Quest

Boda Borg is Questing

You will be transported into a real-world gaming environment; an experience we call Questing. Teams of 3-5 Guests literally move through our Quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges. Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge and so on… Failure in any challenge means starting over or selecting another Quest. Boda Borg is Reality Gaming; that means real people, trying to physically survive our life-like Quests: no video games, no special equipment, no virtual reality...just you and your team of eager Questers...just like real life.




At our physical locations

You will find us in nine different locations today: seven in Sweden, one on Ireland, and one in Boston. All of our locations are unique, and each offers a completely different mix of up to 25 Quests. Boda Borg Boston, our newest location, opened in the town of Malden, Massachusetts in October 2015.


Who are you?

Boda Borg's interactive real-world Questing experience is suitable for all types of people: adults and youth 7yrs and older. Our millions of Guests, many coming by the bus-load, include:

  • Friends
  • Families
  • Social Groups
  • Schools
  • Businesses

Youth under the age of 7 are "future Questers," as Questing is designed for older ages. Youth 7 and 8 years old are able to Quest when accompanied by an adult age 18 or older in the Quests at all times. Ages 9 and above may enjoy our Quests freely.


We're always here

Most Boda Borg locations are available year-round, with the exception of a few major holidays. Special private openings are also accepted at many locations.


An unbelievable new dimension of "Fun!"

Our Guests flock to Boda Borg for a variety of reasons:

  • Questing is pure fun
  • special parties or special occasions
  • competitions between companies or schools
  • unique Questing for school classes
  • productive meetings and teambuilding

Boda Borg