What is it?

BODA BORG is Questing

QuestingGuests are transported into a real-world gaming environment; an experience we call Questing. Teams of 3-5 guests literally move through our Quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges. Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge and so on… Failure in any challenge means starting over or selecting another Quest.

Each Quest is a series of 2 to 5 separate challenges. Our themed Quests can take place in a jungle, a house, an airplane, outer space, just about any place you can imagine. Each Quest is uniquely designed with mental and/or physical challenges that must each be completed successfully before moving on to the next.

Each Boda Borg location typically has 20-25 exhilarating, imaginative Quests. Quests are redesigned periodically to ensure a new experience each time you visit. Successfully completing any Quest or special groups of Quests is rewarded and recognized in exciting ways!

Who Can Participate?

Boda Borg is an exciting new form of interactive real-world entertainment that is suitable for all types of people including:

  • Friends
  • Families
  • Social Groups
  • Schools
  • Businesses





Contact Us


Boda Borg Europe, AB
Phone 1: 46 691 76 4010
Phone 2: 46 691 76 4015


Boda Borg Corporation
USA: 949-230-1166