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Boda Borg Karlskoga

Welcome to Boda Borg Karlskoga

Boda Borg Karlskoga is located just off the E18 freeway at the exit towards Karlstad / Oslo. At Boda Borg Karlskoga, there are a total of 25 Quests. A Quest consists of  2-5 challenges. In each challenge, your team will have to discover and attempt solve one or more tasks in order to advance to the next challenge of the Quest. You never now what to do, who shoud do what, how much time you have, or even how many challenges there are to any one Quest.

Quests are designed in three levels of physical difficulty: green, red and black. Green Quests contain no physical challenges, red Quests contain a mix of ingenious devices and physical challenges, and black Quests are extremely physically demanding. Your team always has access to all the quests during your one price; do as many Quests as you want, as many times as you want.

In addition to Quests at Boda Borg Karlskoga, you can also eat at the restaurant castle, have refreshments in our café, stay overnight in our themed hostels, hold business conferences, have special group events or parties, and more. During the summer we also have outdoor activities such as water sports, wilderness camps (including Camp Robinson), a climbing Wall, sight seeing, etc. We have activities suitable for all groups. Bring the family, business, school class, association, bachelor party, bachelorette party, a group of friends for one or more days filled with adventure, community, team building, and joy.  

Enhancing the fun...did you know that Karlskoga, Sweden was the home city of Alfred Nobel? And we still have his original workshop and house here and an incredible live tour, led by Alfred Nobel himself, is held at the house. We can arrange this at Boda Borg Karlskoga, and it is truly fascinating!

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Boda Borg