Boda Borg

Boda Borg Lough Key

Are you up for a challenge? - A  Very Unique Challenge!

We have the answer……. The Boda Borg at Lough Key!

The innovative, Weather Independent Boda Borg is a Swedish concept unique to Ireland and is challenging for both adults and mature children.
Once you enter the two-story Boda Borg, only teamwork, ingenuity, trial and error and skills you probably didn't know you had will allow you to progress!

Boda Borg is Questing...very challenging, fun-filled activities, traps, and treks, but there are no instructions! A part of the thrill is that you must survive on your own wit.Every Quest starts in your own mind... new paths are explored... together... with curiosity, laughter and excitement, and yes, sometimes welcomed frustration.

Go on………. Take the challenge! 

Booking is recommended, but you are welcomed to stop by.

Who is Boda Borg suitable for?

Ideal team activity for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Sports Clubs
  • Social Organisations
  • Youth Groups
  • Stag and Hen Parties
  • Families and Friends
  • School Tours

You need a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people per team. Suitable for participants from 8 years and up. 

Have a birthday party at Boda Borg! Email bodaborg(at) for further information.



Boda Borg