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Boda Borg Oxelösund

Just one hour drive south of Stockholm, Boda Borg Oxelösund is one of the fastest growing and extremely captivating locations in the world of Boda Borg. We add new Quests frequently, and are working our way to a total of 25 Quests.


This is all 24 Quests that you have access to.

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Given our proximity to Stockholm, Boda Borg Oxelösund also have visitors from all over Europe and the world, and nearly everyone loves our Boda Borg Questing activity. The staff at Boda Borg Oxelösund is eager to assist eager that we may not wait to ask. We pride ourselves on providing not world-class guest experience, but "other world" guest experience.

Our Quests are not easy, but they are definitely additive to all. We have three floors of Quests waiting for you to attempt to conquer them. We already know which will win between you and the Quests, but sometimes groups of guests surprise us. We therefore have a Quest Master award for any team that can successfully survive all of our Quests (no cheating) in any one visit. Are you up to becoming a Quest Master?

Boda Borg Oxelösund offers, in addition to Questing, great warm food, a variety of snacks and drinks, a wide variety of merchandise that includes clothing, outdoor activities, a spring and autumn outdoor camp with water activities and tent sleeping, special package bookings, and hostel lodging right at our location.

Boda Borg Oxelösund is the second largest location, in terms of guests and revenue per year, in the world of Boda Borg today. We can get extremely busy, packed with buzzing guests everywhere. At times it may be best to book in advance. Please email us or phone and we will help you.


We very much look forward to welcoming you to Boda Borg Oxelösund, and are happy to help with all of your needs in Sweden.


Welcome to Boda Borg Oxelösund.










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