Boda Borg

Become a Quest Master!

If your can conquer all of our Quests, you might be able to become Quest Masters -- Boda Borg's highest honor. Here's how it works:

1. Tell us! You can't just show up with a full stamp card, because a Quest Master run is timed. You have to earn the stamps within four hours, which means having a manager sign your card, noting the start time, before you begin.

2. Stick together! Everyone on the team has to do every Quest.

3. Conquer the building in four hours or less! You have to get every stamp we have -- and remember, some Quests have more than one stamp!

4. Prepare to be tested! The manager will take you to some of our most difficult challenges to make sure you're doing them "legit". (If you're not sure whether what you're doing is legit, feel free to ask.)

5. Wear your shirts with pride! Quest Master tee shirts aren't for sale...they can only be won. You're part of an elite group of Questers.


A couple of notes:

It's very rare, but if some of our Quests are closed for maintenance it may not be possible to go for Quest Master.

If you've been part of a Quest Master team you need to wait at least a year before being part of another team.

Boda Borg