Boda Borg

What you NEED for your Visit

We added this section because there are some things you absolutely need in order to Quest and we don't want your visit to end before it begins. Please remember that you must have:

  • Appropriate footwear
  • Appropriate clothing
  • At least three people with valid waivers and a minimum age of seven

You don't always need a reservation but we strongly encourage it. We limit the number of people who Quest at any one time and we are often fully booked, so please consider making a reservation, especially if you are visiting on a weekend or school holiday.

How should we dress?

There's no one right way to dress, but you do need appropriate footwear and clothing. For footwear, we recommend sneakers or strong shoes but what is essential is that it be closed-toe and solidly attached. You cannot Quest in flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, etc., or in high heels or any shoe that significantly elevates the heel. These rules are for your safety and the safety of other Guests.

For clothes, you must be appropriately attired for a family-friendly venue. We recommend clothes you can move easily in and that are suitable for climbing, crawling and all sorts of physical activity.

Who needs a waiver?

Everyone needs a waiver in order to Quest. Please note that minors must have the waiver done by their own parent or legal guardian. Every now and then a parent brings their own child and some of their child's friends and thinks that since they are responsible for all the kids they can sign a waiver for them. Unfortunately this is not the case. If you're bringing kids who aren't yours, please make sure their parents or legal guardians have completed the online waiver.

Quests and Questing

What is a Quest?

Each of our Quests is a series of rooms and each room has a challenge you must solve as a team. If you solve a challenge you get to move on to the next. Solve all the challenges in sequence and you conquer the Quest. A special box unlocks at the end and you stamp a special card we give you to show that you've done it. Simple, right?

Well, not quite so simple as it sounds.

We don't tell you what the challenge is, so you have no idea what you're supposed to do. Every challenge has a (short) time limit; run out of time and you fail, but you don't know how much time you have. Finally, most challenges have things you're not allowed to do that will cause you to fail...and we don't tell you what those are either.

This may not sound fair, but it's not meant to be. Remember, Boda Borg comes from the same place as IKEA furniture, so it's not going to be easy.

You're going to fail. In fact, you're going to fail a lot, but that's OK. It's part of the fun. When you fail you exit the Quest, talk to your team to figure out why you failed and come up with a strategy for your next attempt -- or decide to move on and try a new Quest. It's up to you. 

You think we're going to fail?


Well, what if we don't?

You will. A lot. Can we move on to the next question? 

OK, fine. How physical are the Quests?

It varies, and you get to choose how physical you want to be. One of the few things we tell you at the start of a Quest is how physical it's going to be. We have three categories of physicality:

    • Green Quests are the least physical. A green Quest can be navigated in a wheelchair and any physical challenges will be dexterity only. No strenuous activity.
    • Red Quests are intermediate physical. You'll be using your body and your brain together, but won't be doing anything more strenuous than if you were playing hide-and-seek in a playground. Be ready to climb on a structure or crawl through a tunnel.
    • Black Quests are the most physical. They range from "more than red" to something you might expect to see on a Ninja Warrior show.

So the green Quests are the easy ones?

No! They're just the least physical. If you think they're easy go try Infra or Potions and we'll chat in an hour or two. Or you can watch this video of some WGBH reporters who thought Pirates would be easy. 

OK, so the Quests are hard. What if we can't solve one? Are we stuck for our whole visit?

No. Each time you fail a challenge you exit into the hallway. From there you can start any Quest you want -- so it's up to you if you want to stick with the one that's baffling you or try another one. 

What happens if I start a Quest and can't do it? I don't want to get hurt.

We don't want you to get hurt, either! Each Quest is designed with an easy Exit door, so if you try a black Quest and come to something you can't do, you aren't stuck. Remember, you're going to fail all day so no one on your team should mind if you can't do a particular challenge. The odds are good they'd fail it anyway. 

How many Quests do we get to try?

As many as you like. Each time you leave a Quest you're free to start any Quest. Some people stick with one until the conquer it but others like to hop around and try every Quest they can.


Group Size

How many people are on a Quest team?

Quests are designed for teams of 3-5 people.

Can I Quest with just two people?

Unfortunately, no. Nearly all of our Quests require at least three people working together to solve the challenges. We know you may want to try it out, but we also know that teams of two can't really experience Questing so we don't allow it. 

Can you join us up with another team?

No. One of the things we love about Questing (and that our Guests love, too) is that you Quest with your friends, family or co-workers rather than with strangers. We've talked about having special "meet-up" nights but outside of any special event like that you need to bring your own team. 

What about six or seven?

We allow teams of six, but remember that in some Quests you may feel like there's not enough for everyone to do and in others (e.g. the obstacle courses) a team of six may have a harder time completing the challenges without running out of time. Seven is just too many. 

So what if we want to come in a large group?

No problem -- we get large groups all the time. Just split up into smaller Quest teams. You can reform your teams during your visit, but even if you don't you'll be seeing each other in the hallways between Quests and will have a group experience. 

Reservations & Times to Visit

How can I make a reservation?

The simplest way is to book online right here. You can also call us at 781-321-1081

Do we need a reservation?

It depends. On weekends and holidays we tend to book up fully, often as much as a week in advance. On non-holiday weekdays and nights we usually have space available for drop-in Guests.

How crowded do you get? Am I going to spend my whole visit waiting in line?

We limit the number of Guests to about three teams per Quest. This usually translates to one or two teams inside the Quest and one or two waiting. Because each team will succeed or fail a challenge within a few minutes, Quest rooms cycle pretty quickly so each wait isn't too long, but because you're going to fail a lot you can have a lot of short waits.

So when is the best time to come?

Some people really love the crazy energy when Boda Borg is full, but if you want to maximize your Questing we suggest weekdays. We have an internal joke that anyone who comes here at 5pm on Monday already has their waivers done and is Questing for as long as they like because they know exactly what they're doing. If you can get here by six or even seven o'clock in the evening on Monday through Thursday you can usually get three or four hours of Questing in with little or no waiting between attempts.

Kids getting out of school (and adults who take time off work!) have it even better. Unless we have a large group booked -- and you can always call to find out if we do -- weekday afternoons are even quieter. If you're lucky it can feel like you have the whole place to yourself.


Boda Borg