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Important Guest Rules


At Boda Borg we don't have customers; we have Guests -- and friends. When you come to Quest with us we want you to feel like a Guest in our house, able to enjoy the Quests and our social area as you choose. That said, we have hundreds of Guests every day and for your enjoyment & safety as well as theirs we do have some rules. Here is a list of some rules that are particularly important to know as you plan your visit (more details below):

  • No alcohol or drugs: if we have reason to believe that you may be even slightly under the influence, you cannot Quest
  • Proper footwear required
  • No outside food or drink
  • Minimum age of seven (with an accompanying adult in the Quests)
  • You can only sign a waiver for your own children or for children for whom you're a
  • legal guardian
  • Follow staff instructions

No alcohol or drugs

Questing is a rigorous physical activity with real inherent risks that you assume. Still, for your safety and the safety of other Guests, it's important that both your judgement and ability to execute not be even slightly impaired (see "risks" in our safety document and waiver...both posted online). Because this is a safety issue, we must be very strict about it. If we know or believe your judgement or ability to execute is impaired prior to Questing or at any time during your Questing experience, regardless of the substance or reason causing the impairment, then we unfortunately cannot allow you to Quest at that time. Regarding alcohol, remember that you can Quest and drink but you can’t drink and Quest. 

Proper footwear required

Guests must have sneakers or similar shoes to Quest. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers/slip-ons, elevated heels or open-toe (or heel) shoes, or bare feet (or socks), as well as most Keens are not allowed while Questing. We do have complementary lockers to store shoes and other items, in case you choose to change into proper shoes at Boda Borg.

No outside food or drink

In addition to Questing, we have Kafé Boda, which offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and snacks, and is open whenever Boda Borg Boston is open. We don't allow outside food or beverages. You're welcome to bring food and to eat outside in one of the nearby picnic areas, but you can't eat it onsite. If you have special dietary restrictions, please contact us in advance.

Minimum age of seven

Questing isn't just for adults; it's great for kids, too. We've learned, however, that very young children can find the challenges of Questing particularly difficult and frustrating, and may still be developing the judgement necessary to navigate our Quests safely. While we recognize that all kids develop at different speeds, based on our experience we have a minimum age requirement of seven years old. Children age seven and eight can Quest with an adult on their team inside the Quests; we encourage adults bringing children of this age to consider how those kids handle frustration and failure. Kids ages nine through eleven may Quest on their own, but must have a supervising adult present inside Boda Borg at all times. If you're Questing with younger kids and they are getting unhappily frustrated, be sure to speak with one of our Quest guides.

A minor's waiver can only be done by their own parent or legal guardian

Part of being an adult with kids is bringing your kids and their friends on outings. Please remember, however, that you cannot sign a waiver for kids who aren't yours unless you are actually their legal guardian or have something equivalent to power of attorney. A liability waiver is a legal document that affects a person's rights and can only be signed by a person with the appropriate legal standing.

Follow staff instructions

We're pretty hands-off; after all, you are our Guest. If, however, the staff need you to do something (or stop doing something), part of being our Guest is listening and following staff instructions. Usually it's something simple, like remembering to walk, not run, in the corridors. For everyone's safety and enjoyment we do retain the right to deny service or request that people exit Boda Borg if we think it's necessary.

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