Boda Borg

Planning Your Visit

We're excited that you're coming to Quest with us and want to make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible. This page hopefully has all the information you need to plan your trip, including:

    • Getting Here (and parking if you drive)
    • Things to make sure you've done before you arrive
    • Food options
    • How to contact us with any questions

Getting Here (and Parking)

Boda Borg Boston is just a five-minute walk from the Malden Center stop on the T and the Commuter Rail.

If you're coming by car, there is a public parking garage just a few blocks from us, at 170 Centre Street. It is free on weekends and holidays. If you come during the week, bring your ticket with you so we can validate it -- that will cover the first two hours and then it's just $2/hr after that.

Please Do These Things Before You Arrive

1. Make a reservation -- especially if you're coming on a weekend or holiday. We limit the number of Guests to make sure you don't have to wait more than five or so minutes between Quest attempts, but this means that we're often full and not able to take walk-ins. We strongly encourage you to make a reservation online or to call us at 781-321-1081.

2. Fill out our online waiver. Everyone needs to sign a waiver to Quest. Anyone 18 or older will do their own waiver; minors must have a waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. Please either share your email confirmation (there's a link to the waiver) with the members of your group or else direct them to the website. You can also do the waiver onsite -- if you do, get here extra early. If there are kids in your group that aren't yours, please make sure their parents or guardians have completed their waivers.

3. Wear sneakers, and comfortable clothes you can climb, crawl, and move easily in. You're going to use your body and your brain in unusual ways, so we encourage you to wear comfortable clothes...but for safety reasons we have to require closed-toe shoes without heels.

4. Finally, there's one thing NOT to do before arriving. Please don't drink alcohol or do anything else that would impair your ability to Quest. We care a lot about your safety, as well as the safety of our other Guests, and cannot let you Quest impaired.

Food Options

There are a lot of great food options for your visit, both here at Boda Borg and nearby.

Kafé Boda offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and snacks, and is open whenever Boda Borg Boston is open.

There are also a large number of excellent restaurants within a few blocks of our location. Malden is famous for it's food and we often joke that you can't throw a rock in Malden without breaking the window of a good restaurant. (Not that you should be throwing rocks in the middle of a city. Come on.) If you're Questing for "as long as you like" you're welcome to leave Boda Borg, eat, and then return after your meal.

Like any restaurant, we do not allow outside food or drink in our facility. If your group plans to get food from Kafé Boda but some members have dietary restrictions (e.g. due to allergies, religious restrictions, etc.), please contact us.

How to Contact Us

Our phone number is 781-321-1081. We have dedicated booking staff here to answer calls, and we do return voicemails -- so if you call and get our voicemail, please leave a message. If you're calling before we open in the morning or late in the evening there may not be a person dedicated to phones but please leave a voicemail .

You can also email us at We respond to emails throughout the day, so you should get a response quickly.

Boda Borg