Boda Borg

What is Boda Borg?

Boda Borg is Questing

Guests are transported into a real-world gaming environment; an experience we call Questing. Teams of 3-5 guests literally move through our Quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges. Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge and so on… Failure in any challenge means starting over or selecting another Quest.

No video games, no virtual reality, no special clothing or equipment....real people, real Questing, real adrenaline and heart-pumping excitment.

Important: Important Boda Borg Rules, and is it safe? Please read our safety/Risk disclosure document (click here)!


Do you have what it takes?

You need 3 - 5 people on each team to Quest, never less than 3, who come to Boda Borg with you. We never mix you with people not in your planned group at Boda Borg.

Each Quest is a series of 2 to 5 or more separate challenges. Our themed Quests can take place in a jungle, a house, an airplane, outer space, just about any place you can imagine. Each Quest is uniquely designed with mental and/or physical challenges that must each be completed successfully before moving on to the next. That's entering or even peeking at the next challenge of a Quest unless you survive the preceding challenge.

Each Boda Borg location typically has 20-25 exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping Quests. And, we change the Quests periodically, ensuring a new experience each time you visit. Successfully completing any Quest or special groups of Quests means huge bragging rights! We never said Questing was easy!

What's the Cost?

We want you to have a great we'll hold your wallets while you Quest. No really, locations may have slightly different cost ranges, but always the same cost structure.

You can Quest at most locations today for less than US$25 per person for two (2) hours; and less than US$40 per person for "as long as you want" each day. But we can't promise such low pricing forever!

Oh...and for one price, you can enter as many Quests as you want, as many attempts as you want, when you want!

You can also buy special packages, snacks, warm meals, fun merchandise, and gift cards.



Boda Borg